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Overnight Vision Correction

Have you ever wanted perfect vision but were worried about going under the laser? Well now you can!

Wearing the OVC lenses during the night, means that when you wake up and remove the lenses, you have clear vision for the rest of the day. It is completely reversible, and carries very few risks compared to laser operations, at a comparable cost to wearing good quality daily disposable contact lenses.

OVC (OrthoK) gives the freedom for clear vision during the day without wearing contact lenses or the risks of surgery. Great for all sports especially contact and water sports. A life- changing event for children as they will not need to use lenses during the day at school so they can really participate in all activities just like their friends. It has also been shown that early use of Ortho K can slow or halt the progression of myopia.(Myopia Control)
Whilst this technique is not widely known about in the UK the first Ortho K lenses were produced in the USA in the early 1960s. The modern technique of Orthok was first used in Australia about 20 years ago and has been developing since then with new materials and technology. We have been using OVC at this practice for over 10 years with many satisfied wearers.We are very happy to discuss how this can be of benefit to you or your growing children to help reduce the progression of their short sight.
CLICK HERE to undertake an online suitability questionnaire at which only takes a few moments. If the questionnaire shows you are suitable just contact the practice to book in an assessment for "iGo Overnight Vision Correction" and leave the rest to us. Completing the questionnaire first means the in-practice assessment is absolutley free -- a saving of £50!

If the questionnaire shows you may not be suitable please still get in touch with us to discuss other eyecare options.

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With a combined experience of over 80 years, and as conscientious independent opticians, we like to take time to listen to your concerns and requirements before making any recommendations for your eye care and if necessary, your eye wear. Utilising the latest technology and by providing a level of care to match, our aim is for your total satisfaction.

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